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All organisations need a clear strategy for handling their customer queries. Our range of inbound call, email and web chat services means that no query needs to go unanswered.

Increased Benefits for your business

The benefits to your business of using BD Services for your inbound call centre services are immediate and clear –

  • By outsourcing your non-core functions, you can focus on key business activity
  • Customer services are expanded in order to alleviate the burden on your existing – or limited – capability
  • We provide enhanced cover for seasonal or time-sensitive peaks in call traffic
  • We are flexible in being able to deal with short-notice, short-term campaigns
  • We support your key marketing initiatives, such as product launches or promotions that can lead to significant increases in call volume
  • When you outgrow your existing messaging, answering or call handling capability, our services are scalable, allowing for future growth
Related services we offer
Customer Services

We can offer your custoomers a robust, reliable and scalable Customer Services operation. Our turnkey solution is fully bespoke to your business needs.

Demo Bookings (SaaS)

Nothing is more important than making a good first impression. We help your potential customers become more familiar with your platform/product and its features.

Appointment Booking

Our experienced outbound teams will call your potential customers using profiled and targeted data lists of specific companies to make qualified appointments for your sales teams.

1st Line Tech Support

We can address the specific concerns of your customers in a polite and friendly way, but also use our skills, where appropriate.

Out of hours Support

We work with you to supplement your own inbound call and contact centre facilities. We offer your business unprecedented flexibility to trade 24/7.

We have a team ready to serve you

BD Services is on hand to support your business and provide your customers the best customer experience, with Inbound & Outbound call management services, from our reliable and skilled call centre team of agents.