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Businesses today need to keep focused on the services they’re currently providing but must be mindful that the funnel of future leads, clients and customers doesn’t dry up. Our roster of professionally trained agents have experience working across B2B and B2C campaigns with equal effectiveness.

Increased Benefits for your business

The benefits to your business of using BD Services for your outbound call centre services are immediate and clear

Maximise your business’s Return on Investment (ROI)

Help to grow your client base and brand awareness

Reach out to your existing customers or clients

Promote new product and services launches

Follow up mailing and other targeted marketing campaigns.


The success of any campaign can be measured by results, and you need a company that can understand your brief and deliver through industry knowledge, management expertise and by using skilled and professional telemarketers across every campaign we work on. We will help you achieve these results.

Our agents will know about your products and services and they will be coached to promote and deliver the agreed brief. They will know exactly what you aim to achieve and together with ongoing and open dialogue we will maximise both your Return on Investment and the potential of your business.

Related services we offer
Cold Calling Telesales Campaigns B2B & B2C

Telemarketing is a swift and cost-effective way to get your corporate voice heard by key decision-makers. We work with you you maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Lead Generation

Your business is built on finding new customers. We help you identify and contact new opportunities without any extra time and resource dedication.

Appointment Booking

Our experienced outbound teams will call your potential customers using profiled and targeted data lists of specific companies to make qualified appointments for your sales teams.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

As a business, customer loyalty and repeat business is often the result of excellent customer service. We will work with your business to gather and report on customer feedback.

Product Recall

If your business is in the unfortunate position of having to recall a product, outsource your call handling to BD Service. We will ensure your consumers receive a professional, empathetic response, that will reassure them.

SaaS Demo Bookings

Nothing is more important than making a good first impression. We help your potential customers become more familiar with your platform/product and its features.

We have a team ready to serve you

BD Services is on hand to support your business and provide your customers the best customer experience, with Inbound & Outbound call management services, from our reliable and skilled call centre team of agents.